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How will our team grow the events?

Roxy is our event planner and BSS co-ordinator, she continues to contact key industry contacts we want to showcase at the events, and to discuss important topics across the music industry, as well as engaging with anyone we think will benefit by attending the monthly events. Couple that with our continued online and radio advertising and email broadcasts, and that will ensure as many members as possible are kept up to date. It’s therefore vital you are part of our mailing list and Facebook group.


Why is it important that you stay part of the Facebook Group?

We want to make sure you get all the updates and information posted each week. Our website along with our Facebook group is the main sources to share this information.  We also have a Twitter page for quick fire news and updates. Not everyone has social media, so please make sure we have your email.


How can you help grow the events with a few simple clicks?

All we ask is when we realise event information, that you share the information to your friends and colleagues who you think would benefit.  A few clicks will help us spread the word, and will go a long way to making sure we grow and get the most out of each event.


How will you get the vital monthly event info?

Our online website will have everything you need, then Facebook, Twitter and emails will have up to the minute updates; depending on which method you would prefer. Not everyone wants to give their email and not everyone now has Facebook, so by covering all platforms it means you can still get the vital info on every event each month. Please make sure you give us your details if you haven’t already.  You can signup to the email broadcasts by leaving your details here –


What future things do we have planned for BSS?

We have some quality industry professionals planned for our speaker panels, we also have some great opportunities, including a jobs board which will list opportunities within music in the local area which you can benefit from, and a section for support and mental health concerns from experts.


How do these events fit in with the annual BMC event?

The thought process behind BSS is to compliment and build upon what is done at BMC, not try and compete.  BMC is an active supporter of BSS; Billy and his team attend regularly and contribute towards our growth.  The two events are totally different, mostly noticeably in size and heritage.  We want to continue the meetups on a smaller and more local level.


BMC is a great event, and nail bringing big names and music industry pros from outside Sussex to come and chat about a variety of music topics.  BSS is designed to do this on a more local and immediate level, which in turn will benefit the local music scene more.


How can you send feedback, comments and ideas to the team?

So that we can have a record of everything you are suggesting, we ask that you email Roxy, the email address is Please do not just chat to organisers on Facebook for feedback otherwise it is unlikely to be recorded and therefore actioned.


What discount do BSS members get to make these events even more appealing?

We want to ensure these events don’t just turn into an expensive night out, that’s why we have arranged discount for members who have registered via the BSS website.  Once you have your card you are entitled to discount on drinks all night.


Why are we having the speakers?

We anticipate that overtime BSS will encourage and attract a wide range of differing skill levels across different areas we want to cover.  This means if you are a student, you are likely to gain vital tips and information from panels, who all have a minimum 5 years’ experience in their chosen field. For those of us who maybe have years of experience behind us, it’s a chance to gain vital contacts and future business opportunities, as well as finding new talent and resources.

There is networking at the end of the evening where you can continue to chat with potential new contacts. We also want to invest time getting some of the key industry speakers and members of the local council who will help us discuss important topics which are key to the growth of the music scene here in Brighton, both creatively and economically.


What speakers will we have?

Our speakers will come from different music backgrounds, including music publications, radio stations, television stations, bands, music colleges, big events, venues and music production studios.


How do you become a speaker?

Simply email Roxy leaving your details and your suggestions about what you want to speak about, so it can be considered, email