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by | Apr 16, 2020 | Brighton Music News, News

This summer Brighton Sound Social will be taking its networking and conversation-based events on-air, with a weekly 60mins show broadcast on Decadance Radio. The shows aim to spotlight some of the areas the music industry are facing, whether that be challenges which need to be looked at, or opportunities to collaborate or develop new and exciting ideas to help boost and drive the local music industry forward.

The show will follow the existing focus in bringing topics which matter to the Brighton music scene to the forefront of everyone’s mind, with a chance for people to phone in and speak to local music influencers who make the city what it is, and to thought provoke in a bid to making Brighton a top musical city within the UK.

Roxy Roberts will host the show with support from Ant Nichols who helps with the events which take place at Al Duamo restaurant at the bottom of North Street. Included in the weekly shows will be guests and phone interviews with people from around the music industry, not just Brighton & Hove but other influencers from around the UK who can help with the topics being discussed, although a strong concentration of local people will remain the focus as it does with the events.

The show is due to broadcast as soon as live programming starts back after the Covid-19 Coronavirus lockdown which is currently in place across the UK finishes.

The show will air on Sunday evenings from 7:00pm. There will be a studio number and a text number enabling you to contact the show. Regular social media channels for Brighton Sound Social will also be in operation throughout so you are able to voice your opinions and thoughts.

Listen to BSS live on Decadance Radio, follow the station by searching for @clubindecadance on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You can follow Brighton Sound Social by going to or follow @btnsoundsocial on all the main social platforms (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter).