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Our upcoming event for Brighton Sound Social, “Creative Block: Local Support for Artists”, will be focusing on the mental stresses that a career in music can have on musicians and artists lives. It is now well-established that creative’s suffer an abnormally high level of mental illness, and the reasons for this are still unclear, but factors include overworking, perfectionism, a correlation between creativity and a tendency towards mental illness.

For this edition, we have four different speakers from a variety of backgrounds – DJ’s rappers, designers and music charity workers.


Brickcellphone – Platform B, Wax Works, Off Licence Magazine

Our first guest speaker is Brighton DJ Brickcellphone, a resident on one of Brighton’s premier radio stations, Platform B. Championing Brighton’s burgeoning Hip-Hop scene, Brickcellphone (Matt Leppier). He also DJ’s for vinyl-only collective WAX WORK, which has hosted nights with First Floor & Rare Kind Records, among others. He also runs Off Licence Magazine, a new music & culture mag focused on Brighton’s underground scene of hip-hop, off licences, and everything else in between.


Enlish – Brighton Rapper & MC

Brighton hip-hop veteran Enlish (AKA Dave Peroni) has been performing & releasing Hip Hop for years, and has been a valuable addition to Brighton’s proud hip-hop culture. Just a quick look at some of his releases show his prowess as an MC, collaborating with some of UK Hip-Hops most creative and versatile rappers & producers. As someone who has also experienced mental illness throughout his life, Enlish will provide a fascinating insight into the relationships between mental wellbeing & music.


Donna Churchman – Director, Creative Block & Flow

Our next speaker Donna Churchman comes from a design background, having been a graphic designer for the BBC, then setting up her own design house Evolve, which worked with huge clients like BMW, Ford, English Heritage & more. After working for years, she found her creativity was being negatively affected, and has set up Create Block & Flow as a way to provide support and advice to creatives suffering from creative block, and her clients range across the entire creative spectrum, with great results.


Aidan Culley – Health & Welfare Officer, Help for Musicians UK.

Help for Musicians representative Aidan Culley will be coming down to Brighton Sound Social to offer insights into how the charity can help musicians in times of need, both for mental & physical health, and providing grants to musicians in dire straits. They also support up-and-coming musicians and graduates. Aidan will provide insight into how institutions like Help for Musicians UK can be utilised by musicians and that it is there solely to help. Help for Musicians UK are an official partner of Brighton Sound Social, and their 24hr helpline, as well as more information, can be found at the Brighton Sound Social website:

Creative Block



Brighton Sound Social takes a great interest in the wellbeing of musicians in Brighton.

We are incredibly proud to be discussing such a prevalent and important issue.

Sam Clouston