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Creative Block & Mental Health: BSS February 2019

by | Mar 18, 2019 | News, Previous Events

We take a look at our latest event, which was held at the Western in central Brighton, and focused on mental health in the music industry and how to overcome writer’s block.

BSS Creative Block & Flow

Enlish, Brickcellphone & Roxy Roberts

Februaries installment of BSS had a diverse and insightful panel including the likes of: Brickcellphone (Platform B, Wax Work, Off Licence Magazine), Enlish MC, Donna Churchman (Creative Block & Flow) & Aidan Culley (Help Musicians UK). Between these individuals they held decades of experience in the music industry and all have had either personal or direct involvement within that of mental health inside and outside of the industry.

Because of the different ages and backgrounds the speakers had, it led to some very diverse and intriguing thoughts on the topics discussed such as; Medication, Mindfulness, confidence and lack thereof, suicide and its prevention and what to do when presented with a mental challenge when it comes to music such as writer’s block.


BSS Creative Block & Flow

BSS Creative Block & Flow


At the end of the talk the floor was opened up to some questions from the audience, some of which were incredibly insightful and allowed entirely new paths to be explored within such a massive and important topic. These ranged from asking for personal tips from the panelists to much broader and deeper running questions that had us all talking all the way up to close.


This was all held at The Western next to Churchill Square, this space was ideal for a BSS event as it has a nice welcoming atmosphere, perfect for some of the harder to talk about topics. On top of this the upstairs space was nice and open and allowed for one and two way dialogues to take place with ease, however was separated from the busy downstairs bar area making it possible to speak with ease.

BSS Creative Block & Flow

Brickcellphone, Roxy Roberts, Donna Churchman & Aidan Culley

All in all it was a fantastic event with a lot of interesting and pertinent issues being raised.

Next months event taking place on the 7th of March is going to be switching to another topical subject in the music industry, Equality in Music; Is Brighton & Hove doing enough to represent women in music?

We look forward to seeing you there!