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As a member of Brighton Sound Social you have access to support and advice as part of your free membership.  We believe that help and support should be easy to access and fully confidential for anyone who needs it.

Life can be complicated and stressful, and you will experience struggles at some time or another. Whether it’s frustration because you feel like you want to quit, or frustration because you are struggling to get your creative flow back, these support pages are designed to give you some advice and places you can turn to when you need it most.

We’ve teamed up with Donna Churchman, Help Musicians UK and Music Minds Matter to bring you the best online advice, backed up with a series of case studies and a 24-hour advice line for when you need extra help and support.

1-to-1 support coaching for professionals of the creative industries


Do you struggle with Creative Block?

Are you struggling with insecurities which play havoc with your flow?

Have you hit overwhelming burnout, or lost your creative mojo?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, chances are you may need some coaching about how you get yourself out of how you are feeling.

Donna Churchman is a local support worker; she coaches creative professionals beyond their blocks, and help them with a range of techniques which are designed to minimise disruption with their work flow. Donna works in the following areas:


Anxiety and stress which can cause blocks.

Insecurities and self-doubt which can cause blocks.

Mental overload which can cause blocks.


Your creative capacity and your mental wellbeing are intricately linked, and there are things you can do to help your mental wellbeing and your overall creative flow.

Brighton Sound Social Support


With a combined 50 years’ experience in the music industry, the team behind Brighton Sound Social recognise how difficult it can be to get a decent work life balance, that is why we have teamed up with Donna Churchman for this support for the areas you need help.

Artists, producers, managers and anyone connected to the music industry can find it tough mentally, when dealing with the range of various aspects of how the music industry can challenge you on a day to day basis.

Whether you are facing time constraints or motivational challenges. You may find it tough mentally pitching yourself against other artists and peers within the industry who may be doing better than you in your eyes.

The other support pages look at dealing with financial issues, and other aspects of being self-employed.  You may have health problems or suffer from depression or mental health problems due to a lack of work coming in after losing a contract, or the stress of generally looking for work and selling yourself well enough in the process.  Or you may just find that there are personal challenges which you are finding difficult to stop them getting in the way of your creative work life.

Whatever the challenges you are currently facing you want to know there are people who can help you by giving immediate advice, and to point you in the right direction for further support when things become too overwhelming.


Donna Churchill

During her 20+ years in the creative industry, Donna has had her fair share of anxiety, overwhelming thoughts and burnout which blocked her creativity, and impacted her overall mental health.

Donna was a designer in London running her own company, with clients including the BBC, MINI, Ford Motor Company, English Heritage, Royal Academy of Arts and the Design Council.

When she struggled there was no support. So, Donna learned to help herself with techniques. Alongside her creative career, she studied and trained in psychological understandings of how we mentally function, and the psychology and science of flow.

For the past 5 years, Donna has combined her creative experience with her psychological training to develop a new way of understanding block and flow and mental wellbeing, and this is why she is now working with the team behind Brighton Sound Social.

Together through talking and sharing knowledge about how you deal with darker moments, and the impact this has on people within the creative industries, we can start to use this platform to help each other, and hopefully it will go some way to easing the pressures a lot of us experience on a monthly, weekly or sometimes even daily basis.


Supporting you

Donna can help support you through a lot of the experiences listed within these Creative Block pages. A lot of times you are told what is happening and maybe how to treat it, but no one really tells you why it’s happening and to help you with greater support.

Donna wants to be able to teach you how the block and flow cycle works, so you can spend more time in flow, generating more ideas and getting more done.  She also wants to show you how to access the high levels of mental wellbeing that flow brings; it helps you get back on track.

Next steps


You have some information about Creative Block and some of things which cause this.  For individuals Donna is available for private 1–to–1 coaching programme via Skype.

For a free initial conversation, please email Donna to arrange a call.  Alternatively, you can also catch Donna at any of the live Brighton Sound Social events.