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by | Oct 1, 2018 | Industry Jobs

After six months of exploring music related topics which matter to Brighton & Hove, the Brighton Sound Social events are now embedded into the city, and due to the continued growth, we are now looking to expand our team.

This has provided an opportunity for you to be the leader of your campus attendees at each event, and be the champion of change by promoting BSS amongst your University / College campus peers.

By representing Brighton Sound Social, you will get a chance to network, meet industry speakers, be responsible for encouraging other students to gain further knowledge and opportunities within the music industry, help to navigate change in ways that support the student music community and get useful experience in events and promotions.

If you feel this is something you want to be part of to help further your course, send us an email with information on what University or College you are attending, what course you are doing, and one thing you can bring / gain by working more closely with these events.

POSITION: Student Campus Ambassador
COMMITMENT: Voluntary (at this stage) – (Roughly 3 Hours per Calendar Month).
CLOSING DATE: Ongoing Applications Until Filled